Great Advert DesignAds are definitely the most successful tool for introducing a product to customers and initiating sale. There’s no second chance at making a good first impression so you need to make every attempt to ensure that your advert design is perfect for your business. Whether your advertisement is online or offline, if they don’t catch interest within seconds they are considered unsuccessful so they need to stand out, really out of the box, something that makes you laugh, talks about it or at least make you look twice.

When viewers see your advert what do they see first?

  1. Visual
  2. Caption
  3. Headline
  4. Copy
  5. Signature (business name & contact information)

One method of making sure the advert is taken note of is by arranging the elements in this order. However, your advert should also be direct with its strongest component. Sometimes the visual may be minor to the headline. In that case you may choose to put the headline first. A caption may not be compulsory all time and often would need to include additional elements such as secondary illustrations or a coupon box. Signature is generally the last place the audience’s eye gravitates to when viewing an advert.

While this isn’t the only way to design an advert, it is an easy to execute, successful formula for many types of products or services.

What to look for in a perfect advert:

  • Identifies and knows their audience – put yourself in audience you are trying to reach the message across.
  • Is it the sort of information that the targeted audience would want to hear or see in order to make them respond to the advert?
  • What makes this business different from their competitors?
  • Is the design simple but catchy?
  • Is it easy and clear to read?
  • Does it have eye-catching headlines – consider using how or why in your headlines eg. How to save money on your phone bill!
  • What part of the advert carries more weight? Is it the picture or the caption? How elements of an ad are placed on the page can help accomplish the goal.
  • Provides reasons why E.g. Ten reasons why we are the best in the florist industry.
  • Is the appearance of the business logo clearly visible so that the business can be cleared identified?
  • Does the image convey the message of what is trying to tell the audience?



  • Ensure you have permission to use all the images you use on your advert.
  • A Coupons draw interest and can boost response to your advert.
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